Where Can I Find Black Gospel Music?

Where Can I Find Black Gospel Music?
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When it comes to gospel songs praise and worship, they vary based on social context and culture.
This is why you have so many different types of gospel music out there. Keep reading as we explore on where to find Black Gospel Music.

One of the most prominent types of gospel music is the black gospel. This is possibly the most well-known variant of gospel music which emerged out of the African-American culture.

Over the years black gospel music has evolved. Today, it forms the basis of the Black Church. However, it is also used in many other churches and culture. If you are intrigued to know more about the black gospel, you should continue reading.

What is Black Gospel Music?

Black gospel music is a type of gospel music that is popularised by African-Americans. It is the type of Christian music they use to worship in churches.

Black gospel music was developed in the United States. It mainly originated in the Black Church. Today, it has emerged to be a popular form of commercial music.

Background of Black Gospel Music

During the Transatlantic Slave Trade, thousands of African slaves in the United States were forcibly converted to Christianity. The fusion of Christian belief and musical styling from their homeland gave birth to a new musical form.

To reduce the hardship of life, the slaves often sang songs, while working in the fields. Soon their songs were used in various churches.  This was known as Negro Spirituals which helped shape the base of traditional black gospel.

It was Thomas Dorsey who revolutionized this rising new form of music in the 1930s. He was the one to create the first gospel choir and popularising the music form nationwide.

In the 1970s, urban contemporary gospel, the modern iteration of the genre emerged. This was the fusion of the secular Black musical styling and traditional genre.  This was indeed a bold foray, but it turned out to be a successful one.

It gave rise to a whole new generation of songs and artists who further popularised the genre worldwide. Well, that’s how Black gospel music reached all parts of the world.

Subgenres of Black Gospel Music

Black gospel music has three subgenres. They are as follows:

  1. Traditional: This genre is born out of the Negro Spirituals. This is the most popular genre of black gospel music you will hear. It originates from the South-eastern United States. This was the place where most Black Americans lived. Their music is inspired by Watts and the hymnody of the spirituals. Later it was influenced by Dorsy.
  2. Urban contemporary: Urban contemporary was born when secular black music and traditional black gospel music were combined. It was quite popular in the 70s and 80s. It is one of the most popular forms of gospel music recorded today.
  3. British: British gospel music is of the African diaspora in the UK. It is also known as “UK gospel”. It is mainly influenced by UK street culture.

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