Top 5 Music Colleges You Can Apply Now

Top 5 Colleges For Music Education
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Without a doubt, music education is one of the most popular colleges musicians major in the United States.
The explanation for this is straightforward: music education students have the highest rate of employment among all music majors fresh out of college.

Graduates of music education are needed in almost every public and private K-12 institution in the United States that offers a music curriculum.

The job demand is, unlike with multifold additional majors and degrees offered by the council, which are particularly beneficial to music education graduates.

I considered the rate of employment of students who graduate with music education degrees from various schools, the breadth and variety of research conducted by the specific program, the faculty’s power, prestige, and publication history, the school’s connections to K-12 institutions in the area, the syllabus, and a variety of other factors

when compiling this list of the best music education colleges in the United States.
But, while we’re in the top 5 universities for music education majors, there are a few factors to consider while selecting the best music education school for you.

A music education course will prepare you for statewide accreditation in the state where you will be attending college.

So, while a school like Indiana University has a well-regarded and well-known music teaching department, if you do not intend to make a living in Indiana in the future, it may not be at your greatest advantage to enroll.

That being said, you can obtain certification in any state if you meet the standards; the requirements differ from state to state, and meeting the minimum standards may involve some additional work outside of your degree.

So, without further ado, here are the top 5 institutions in the United States for music education majors.

1. Northwestern University Bienen School of Music – Evanston, IL

For years, Northwestern University has been a national leader in music education, graduating tens of thousands of outstanding music educators who work across the United States and beyond.

Providing music education studies that are routinely acknowledged by the country’s most popular read periodicals, Northwestern’s depth of research on the subject can only be defined as remarkable, and most crucially, extraordinarily authoritative.

Scholars who pursue a music education career upon successful completion of the music education degree from Northwestern University successfully find jobs shortly after scale.

According to Northwestern University, their music education job placement rate is actually 100 every single date.

Although it may appear to be a bold remark, it really makes great sense. Northwestern University has connections to over 60 Chicago area public K-12 seminaries that regularly employ graduates of Northwestern into their program.

However, Northwestern may just supply for you the exact experience you warrant If you’re looking to get involved right out with real K-12 music scholars at real seminaries in both a major town as well as suburban Illinois.

Pupils at the Ph.D. position have access to the CSEME, which stands for the Center for the Study of Education and Musical Experience, which is one of the most innovative establishments for music education exploration in the country.

An assessment of peer schooling in the United States, correlations between what music a pupil likes and what his instructor likes and an analysis of software linked to the schooling of jazz music pupils is just a multiple of the column motifs the Center has presented in the last two decades.

Overall, Northwestern University’s program is one of the most innovative, in-depth, and practical of its kind in the country.

2. Indiana University Jacobs School of Music – Bloomington, IN

Indiana University’s music education graduates have a near-100 percent employment rate at colorful Indiana K-12 academies, making it one of the noncasual brotherhoods for music education in the country.

The program not only offers its music education majors an incredibly well-rounded class, but it also allows them to specialize in one of four primary areas choral, general, band, or band.

At this major music education center, you’ll find a program that fits your interests well, no matter what your designs as a pupil are.

An exceptionally well-rounded institution we new qualified as the chic overall music academe in the US, music education majors at IU nowise run out of chances to perform in music ensembles at the academe.

There’s nowise a philharmonic spot, chorus seat, or other specialty ensembles that can’t be filled with an aspiring music educator.

IU is a fantastic alternative for students interested in pursuing a double degree in elite performance and education.

Further, the academes provide pupils with the chance to work with major music education associations as well as with public music educators who before have epochs of experience under their belt.

Student apprentice instruction, of course, is essential for all music education majors as well.

There at graduation level, the breadth and depth of study available to students at Indiana are exciting, rich, and diverse.

Examining musical instruction using MIDI (musical instrument digital interface) based composition, the evolution of systems used in music education, the consequences of free improvisation in the classroom, and the relationships between music and spiritual practices are just a few of the topics covered in the college’s Ideology of Music Education Review.

The program’s faculty is second to none, with famous music education scholars and academics like Brent Gault, previous president of the Organization of Kodaly Educators, and Patrice Ward-Steinman, a highly successful author in the subject.

3. Ithaca College School of Music – Ithaca, NY

Ithaca College, widely regarded as having one of the best music education programs in the country, often graduates students who go on to work in the local and national music industry.

In fact, Ithaca’s student employment placement rate is close to 100 percent, a figure that is only matched by students at premier music schools like Northwestern and Indiana.

In a state with numerous very good music education schools, including those at SUNY Potsdam, SUNY Fredonia, and Columbia University, all of which are on this list, the curriculum is especially prominent and well-known.

Almost half the students at Ithaca have either been music education majors or music education majors with a professional degree.

At the Master’s degree level, all successful program graduates get permanent New York State certification.

It’s tough to top a prestigious school like Ithaca in New York in terms of obtaining a job after graduation – students can select from a wide range of teaching opportunities, from wealthy districts in Northern New York to urban settings in Brooklyn.

The benefits of music education from this school are incalculable.

The faculty is also one of the nation’s largest for music courses.

The Ithaca College School of Music has 32 music education faculty members, with interests ranging from the aesthetic and social functions of music education in schools to the use of technology in 21st-century music education.

4. SUNY Potsdam’s Crane School of Music – Potsdam, NY

The excellence of the Crane School of Music’s exceptional music education department is the school’s greatest legacy.

In fact, the Crane School of Music got its name from famous founder Julia Ettie Crane, who started the school in 1886 with the express intention of teaching public school instructors.

Many music teachers in New York’s public schools received their education at the Crane School of Music.

According to my research, 10% of all music education professionals in the United States have a pedagogical connection to someone who attended the Crane School of Music.

Given the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of K-12 schools in the United States with music departments, SUNY Potsdam should be proud of its legacy.

Crane School of Music, along with many other top music education colleges, has a near-perfect employment placement rate for music education graduates.

Many of the top-tier performing students also pursue a degree in music education, making this school one of the better options for the well-rounded musician wishing to double major.

5. Westminster Choir College of Rider University – Princeton, NJ

The Westminster Choir College, widely regarded as one of the best programs in the country for vocal music teaching, is an exciting option for prospective music education majors.

The school’s most well-known specialties, as the name implies, are choral music education, choral music conducting, and vocal performance, all of which are essential assets that will educate a musician to be an excellent teacher to any K-12 student body.

The Westminster Choir College’s music teaching students have had a 100% career placement rate after graduation for the previous 11 years.

The school’s undergraduates are not isolated from the performing majors but are instead seamlessly integrated into the college’s ensemble and studio classes.

Westminster boasts the highest voice faculty of any institution in the world, which is one of the reasons for the school’s strong emphasis on choral music education.

Look no farther than this prominent college if you want to study music education as a standalone major or in combination with arts management, conducting, composition, or another performing degree with the goal of finding a career in New Jersey after graduation.

Other Top Music Education Schools:

Boston University – Boston, MA
Teacher’s College at Columbia University – New York, NY
University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, MI
Eastman School of Music – Rochester, NY
SUNY Fredonia – Fredonia, NY
University of Wisconsin, Madison – Madison, WI
Florida State University – Tallahassee, FL
University of North Texas – Denton, TX
University of Northern Colorado – Greeley, CO
Berklee College of Music – Boston, MA
VanderCook College of Music – Chicago, IL
Michigan State University – East Lansing, MI
Lawrence University Conservatory of Music – Appleton, WI
The Hartt School – West Hartford, CT

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