The Experience 16 (2021) [Live Video]

The Experience 16 (2021)
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Hey, fam, this is another version of the Global Experience Lagos; The Experience 16 (2021) and it promises to be LIVE worship like you’ve never had before.

Meanwhile, let me in the comment section if you enjoyed the previous edition of The Experience.

History is full of men who searched for a higher calling, spiritual enlightenment, and the existence of God but Jesus performed the greatest act of all. He brought God to men.

Irrespective of your language, climes, nation, or time zone, join us for a night of incredible praise as we dedicate a whole night of worship to Him that has won us over from the law, the curse, and the grave.

The Experience 16 #TE16G will take place on Friday, December 3, 2021.

Mark the date in your calendars and stay on this page for details.

Below are the platforms you can watch The Experience 16 (2021):


Now let me know in the comment section where you will be watching this global event from…

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