Rev USA – Onyeoma (Game Changer) [Mp3+Video+Lyrics]

Rev USA - Onyeoma (Game Changer)
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Another praise and Worship Song from Rev USA titled Onyeoma (Game Changer).
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Lyrics: Rev USA – Onyeoma (Game Changer)
CALL: Onye oma Nara Ekele Mo Oh! Nara Otito Mji Bia Onyeoma!
RESPONSE: Onye Oma Nara Ekele Mo Ooh! Nara Otito Mji Bia Onyeoma! 2X

Idi Ebube! Idi Omimi!
Jesus The Game Changer, Onye Oma!
Idi Ebube!
Idi Omimi
Jesus, The Anointed One. Onye Oma!

Verse One:
How God Anointed Him
Onye Oma!
He Went About Doing Good
Onye Oma!
He Made The Blind To See
Onye Oma!
He Made The Lame To Walk
Onye Oma!
Nara Ekele Mo Oh!

Verse Two:
Jesus The Game Changer Set Me Free
Jesus The Game Changer Made Me Whole
Jesus The Game Changer Gave Me Peace
Jesus The Game Changer Gave Me Joy
Jesus Has Set You Free
Onye Oma!
Jesus Has Made You Whole
Onye Oma!
Jesus Will Prosper You
Onye Oma!
The Game Changer Will Wipe Your Tears Away
Onye Oma

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