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TOPIC: 8 Things You Should Know Before Picking Up The Microphone

Like other professions, singers also need to be equipped with the right information before picking up the mic as professional singers. This is because professional singing goes beyond just performing before an audience.
A singer has to be built psychologically,intellectually,socially,spiritually and emotionally for the task ahead. These few tips will certainly help prepare the singer before he picks the mic….

1. Be More Ready For Criticism Than You Are Ready For Praises: This actually takes singers by surprise and often makes them go off balance. Emotional intelligence is a necessity for singer. As a singer,you are always on a trial spot so one needs to learn all the survival techniques necessary. Handling the mic is not for the weak or faint hearted.

2. Study The Great And Understand What Made Them Great: Short lived success as a singer most often is caused by shallow understanding of what it takes to sustain success. Behind the stage or before the stage lies greater work to do in other to sustain success and fortunately 80% of what you need lies in the success stories of our predecessors.

3. Discover Your Strength: Your strength are those abilities that mark you out or distinguish your performance. Think like a marketer. What is your “wow” factor that would help you create a niche for your self in your singing career? This could take time to discover but its worth the time.

4. Master Your Craft: Creativity and brilliance does not just appear from no where. We all have the capacity to master any skill but we often succumb to pitfalls like boredom,impatience,uncertainty and fear which cripple our learning and halt our progress towards mastery. What kind of musical style resonates with your persona? Master it so well. It is easier for a well prepared singer to excel on stage than a less prepared.

5. Network With People That Are Doing Better Than You: This is so true because there are things that will naturally rub off on you by the virtue of association. Your company often determines what accompanied you.
Don’t always have the competitive mindset rather be sincere in learning with true sense of humility. I stayed around Sammie Okposo, Victor Atenega for a long while for a strong rub off and it really paid off. My career as a music coach took a quantum leap when I came in contact with sir Emmanuel Awipi a music lecturer in Benin Edo state. Isolation is not good for you.

6. Very Importantly, Get A Paying Job: Growth is often facilitated when there is finance to back up your dreams. Studio sections cost money,getting a good vocal coach cost money,paying for concert tickets cost money,buying good music materials cost money… Getting a job would make it easier… Don’t let finance slow than your speed..

7. Set Achievable Goal: “I want to win music awards in Africa within 5 years” is a great dream but the “how” is much more important. Set sub goals that will lead to achieving the bigger picture. Let your goal be realistic. You can’t attain that level buy just singing on Sundays in your choir or going for programs every Friday night. Make plans and make consultations,study how and implement workable strategies…

8. Finally Your Spirituality : Gospel music is not just ordinary. We operate by different set of rules. Gospel singers are actually preachers who preach through music. Study the word,pray and grow in grace. Most often it goes beyond the music. Let me not go deeper for now.

I believe this has blessed and motivated you.
I love you all…
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