Mr. Wealth’s View On Mercy Chinwo’s Song (Akamdinelu) & Theophilus Sunday’s Songs

Mr. Wealth's View On Mercy Chinwo's Song (Akamdinelu) & Theophilus Sunday's Songs
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You know that Song Akamdinelu by Mercy Chinwo, right?
I love it but there is a verse in that song that I don’t feel okay singing.

In fact, the moment I sing it, there is this little pinch within me that I am not saying the Truth and I am being ungrateful to my Family.

I am talking about the first verse;
My own strength failed me (Yea, I can recall many times it failed me).
Friends and Families turned their backs on me (Emmm… Yea, I remember plenty of friends turning their backs on me, BUT FAMILY?) No! No!! Not at all.

Everything about that line just seems off to me. The reason is that I have no experience to testify to that line of the song.

I have never had family turn their backs on me in any way and day. In fact, one of my systems of advantage is that God gave me a very solid family.

I am not saying Mercy Chinwo was wrong with the lyrics. She probably must have had some Experience with that line of the song.

And it’s true, she sang that song from a place of deep Experience.
And she has the experience to back that lineup.

And surely, that line will hit differently for someone who was rejected or persecuted by family, or forsaken by family at a critical point in time.

That line will exude so much comfort.
Mercy Chinwo wrote from EXPERIENCE.

Here is the point, there are two places from which we communicate a song more effectively.
1. The place of Encounters and Understanding.
2. The place of Experiences

We communicate a song in worship deeper more when we have experiences and encounters to back them up.

Anytime I get to that part of Akamdinelu “Friends and Families turned their backs on me” there is always a disconnect for me because I sincerely do not have any experience that best appreciates that line of the song.

But for someone who has had the Experience of Rejection from family, they will best appreciate that line and sing it more meaningful.
Experience makes the difference.

Please don’t follow Min. Theophilus Sunday to sing “Take the mic and take the stage, take the fame and take the stage” because it sounds “BROKENEES” (A language for Broken people).

To him it is just more than a song, it is a Commitment.

You see it evident in his life.
If you listen to some ministers who are intimate with the Lord you will soon begin to learn some “BROKENNESS”.

You will soon begin to use words like;
1. Take the world and give me Jesus (Me and you know you don’t mean it).
2. I will do anything for you (Oga, ordinary 1hour intercession prayer Holy Spirit asked you to do, you have not done).
3. Take the stage, take the mic, take ministry and give me you. (Me and you know it’s not from your mind).

You are going behind to lobby for platforms, in fact, some of your friends that have not to invite you for the program you are vexing for them). Etc

You see how “BROKENESSSSS” is finishing your life?
You have learned the language but have not cultivated the life.

These people are not just singing or using intimate languages to cajole their audience, you see it deeply manifested all over their life.

More than just using the words, and singing the songs. Seek to Experience life.
Please learn to sing songs that you have had personal encounters with the Lord over.

Don’t just sing it because it is a sweet song or because one of your favorite ministers is singing it.
Learn to stay with a song till your life starts singing.

Trust me, the power, atmosphere, and conviction you exude can ever be the same with someone who has never had personal experiences and encounters with the song.

When I sing the song DARLING, I have had many intimate moments with the Lord, many times of sacrificing everything else to seek his face.

The atmosphere I will command with that song will never be the same with someone who does not understand what it means to sacrifice time and pleasure just to be with God.

Even the most anointed song will sound very casual and meaningless in the mouth of someone who does not have an understanding of the song or at least personal Encounters.

Or to put this in another way, more than just singing a song, Seek to truly understand a song or encounter the spirit and message behind the song.

You cannot communicate a message beyond your understanding of it, and you cannot impart the life of the message to your audience If you have not lived the life.

This is why you can sit under Lawrence Oyor singing JESU MY LOVE and go back home hating sin and desiring to please Jesus.

It is just more than the song, he is communicating the life and spirit of the song because he has lived it.

Beyond singing the song, live the message of the song.
For we may sing a thousand songs we know, but can only impart the life we live.

See every song in two ways,
– First, as a message to understand.
– Secondly, as a life to live.

Before you see it as music to sing.
It will help you effectively impart the life and message of the song upon people.
Hope this blessed you?
Feel free to share and comment!

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