Mentorship Class with David Onuoha (111-120) [Article]

Mentorship Class with David Onuoha (111-120)
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Our discourse on STRATEGY continues.
In life, it is not the army with the most sophisticated weapon that win, but the one with better Strategy. People may start earlier than you in life, but with better Strategy, you overtake them without sweat.
So the question is HOW? And this is what STRATEGY addresses. HOW! HOW! HOW!!!

HOW did David with crude sling and stone defeat Goliath that had sophisticated equipment in 1 Samuel 17?
We have entered into a season where expertise, skill, connections and exposure is failing.
But one thing cannot fail, DIVINE HELPS. So you need Spiritual strategies that will help you secure divine helps.

You know why?
Already, the fish that carries the coin you need to become all you need to become in life is somewhere. You can only locate them divinely.

So I need to school you on how to Articulate and apply DIVINE STRATEGIES in your life pursuit.
Without divine Strategy, you may end up being good in life but you may never become the best.
That’s how important SPIRITUAL STRATEGY is.

NOTE: If you succeed in making the Spiritual realm of life to open up to you, every other realm of life bows to you.
Can Heaven be open over your head and men shut doors before your face on earth? Impossible.

Right now, I have become a consultant to consultants, a pastor to pastors, and a leader to leaders. HOW? DIVINE STRATEGY.

Right now, I am a teacher to my mates in the university and a pastor to my classmates in the Bible School. HOW? DIVINE STRATEGY!
If you can connect to divine helps through divine Strategies like David did and like I did, the world will soon become your parish.

Mentorship Class with David Onuoha (111-120)


No one wins in anything without appropriate Strategy.
The first Strategy is SPIRITUAL STRATEGY.

If you have no Spiritual Strategy for powering your life, your performance in life will be weak.
Your life is either POWERED or PADDLED. That is, you are either operating your life as a Canoe or a speed boat.
Many are finding life so difficult because they are pushing their lives like a wheelbarrow.
You need a spiritual Strategy to power your life like an automobile.

NOTE: Divine Strategy begins with divine inquiries.
You must ask yourself:
(1) How did God ordain or wire my life to run?
WHY? The race you are here on Earth to run was set before you were born. Romans 12
The truth is that you cannot run a good race in another man’s track.
Many of us are running on a wrong track and blaming everyone for not making a headway.

The career or vocation you are pursuing now how did you come about it?
Is it by revelation or by your choice?

Do you know why David refused to use Saul’s armor to fight Goliath?
He used what was meant for him to use.

Begin to ask yourself very serious questions like:
What is my life all about?
When you ask such questions, don’t run around for the answer; Listen to your heart for the answer.

If you are wrongly positioned in life, you miss too many things.
Ask God to help you position yourself well in the race of destiny. This is the first Strategy to adopt in life in order to win.
HARD TALK isn’t it? Seek my counsel when you need it. I am available for you.

Mentorship Class with David Onuoha (111-120)



The Spiritual realm is where things are formed and the physical realm is where things formed in the Spiritual realm are displayed.
Take time to study Hebrews 11:3. “By faith, we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God so that the things that we see physically were made from Spiritual things we can’t see”

NOTE: The reason why most things have not opened up to you physically is because you lack Spiritual power to make them open up to you.
Begin to think about and work on your Spiritual life seriously.
Your Spiritual life is not part of your life, it is all your life. You know why?
Everything we see today came from the unseen realm (Heb. 11:3, John 1:3-4).
Since everything we see today have Spiritual root, they obey Spiritual command.

Decide whether you want to live your life Spiritually empowered or lacking power.

Right now, you can measure your Spiritual power level in two ways:
(1) The things you can subdue
(2) The things that subdue you.
For instance in Deut, 8:18 God promised us power to get wealth. If you have it, you subdue poverty and if you don’t have it, poverty subdues you.

You cannot afford to live without Spiritual power in a world of power clash.
You know the good news?
Whatever the Spiritual realm creates (Heb. 11:3), it also sustains (Heb.1:3)

Right now, I release the power of God upon you. As you say Amen, some of you reading this post will be baptized with power now.
Just release yourself, the power is on you now. Say Amen!

Mentorship Class with David Onuoha (111-120)


(Spiritual Strategy)
You may be wondering why I am taking so much time and space to talk about SPIRITUAL STRATEGY for winning.
The reason is that your Spiritual life is the FOUNDATION for everything else that will happen in your life.
When you are building a house, you do not rush the foundation. Because any fault in the foundation puts the future of the building at risk.

No wonder the scripture says in Psalm 11:3; If the foundation be destroyed, even the righteous is in trouble (what can the righteous do?)

Are you aware that the materials for foundation is different from the materials for building the wall and Roofing?
You CAST the foundation with CONCRETE and BUILD the WALL with blocks. Does this mean anything to you?
Foundation determines:
– Stability
– Durability
– Load bearing
– Capacity &
– Longevity.

Spirituality is the foundation for an ENDURING success in life.

(1) State of your heart. God looks at your heart to know how high to raise you or how low to keep you. (Jere. 17:11)
By now you should know that it is God that raises men or abases men.

Have you not heard that “It is not of him that willeth or runneth, but of God that showeth mercy?
Have you not heard that by strength shall no man prevail? (1 Sam. 2:9)
Have you not heard that the battle of life is not won by the strong nor the race by the Swift, nor riches to man of understanding or favour to the skillful? (Eccl. 9:11 )

If you are working very hard to succeed in life and you have a proud heart, God will resist you.
But He gives grace to the humble. Are you humble?

How do you know the proud?
(1) They are easily offended.
(2) They feel bad when corrected.
(3) They find it difficult to obey instructions.
(4) They are always right.
(5) They look down on others.
(6) They are selfish and self-centered.
(7) Not teachable
(8) They know it all.

You need a good, forgiving, contrite, compassionate, humble and loving heart to secure God’s hand upon your life.

Check your heart so that you ensure that it is not God that is resisting your progress.
He said concerning David in (1Sam 14:13) I have found a man whose heart is after me.

GET YOUR HEART RIGHT FIRST and heaven will never ignore your welfare on earth.

I know your head is loaded with motivational teachings on STRATEGIES for life. Yet you are still stranded.
The missing Link is your heart.
Pray like David today. Ask God to create in you a clean heart and to renew the right spirit within you.

I guarantee you that if you follow me as I follow God, you will never miss your place in destiny.
Welcome to the best season of your life!

Mentorship Class with David Onuoha (111-120)


(Spiritual Strategy expanded)

When you get your Spiritual bearing right, more than half of your problems are already solved.

The second Spiritual Strategy you need to adopt to power your life is:
(2) IDENTIFY your Spiritual power point and cultivate it.
There is something unique and specific that connects every person to God. Have you identified your own?

Just like there is something that connects every tree to the source of it’s nutrient (the ground) called the ROOTS. There is something that connects you to the Spiritual realm. What is it?
Just like every building is connected to the ground through the FOUNDATION, there is something that connects you to divine flow. Have you identified it?
Just like the baby in the womb is connected to the mother with the UMBLICAL CORD, what is it that links you solidly with God?

*Abraham’s Spiritual power point is his sacrificial lifestyle.
* Daniel’s Spiritual PowerPoint is his consecrated and prayer life.
* David’s Spiritual PowerPoint is his contrite heart.
* The Apostles powerpoint is their deadly commitment.
* Joseph’s POWER point is his benevolence & offense-free life.
* Solomon’s POWER point is his liberality. He has yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily sacrifices he offers.


They are Spiritual things you do without difficulty.
They are Spiritual virtues you exhibit without hassles and encouragement.
Your Spiritual POWER point is like an altar through which you access the Spiritual realm.
Identify your own and cultivate it. I have identified mine and I keep it on fire.

What is your own Spiritual PowerPoint? You are free to let us know. Please tell us.
Keep the fire burning!

Mentorship Class with David Onuoha (111-120)


(Spiritual Strategy reloaded)

I believe that from the last Training in 115, you have identified your Spiritual Power Point.
These things I am teaching you are the major issues of life and the missing link in many People’s lives.
The key that open a big door is not as big as the door it opens.
Big doors are at the mercy of little keys. So it is in your life.

The day you gave your life to Christ, God handed into your hand very simple keys that you need to manifest Spiritual power at will.

Unfortunately, you have not looked into yourself hard enough to know the keys that God gave you to manifest the supernatural.

In (Matt. 25: 14-18) He gave to every man according to his several ability.

Your ability are things you do easily, without hassles and without anyone’s encouragement.
Do you just see songs coming out of your mouth and you feel like worshipping and singing most of the time? That is your Spiritual power point.

Are you always drawn to pray without ceasing? That’s your Spiritual power point.
Are you burdened by the lost souls?
Anytime you open your mouth to pray tears begin to stream down your eyes. Don’t loose that brokenness of heart. It is your power point.

Are you always drawn to study God’s word? Let nothing distract you. That is your place of power.
Are you inclined to evangelism? That’s your place of power.

Don’t force yourself to do things that you are not equipped to do.
Find out the one that God has already given you ability to do and focus on it.
You will be surprised the amount of Spiritual power it will bestow on you.

Are you a worshipper? Don’t turn yourself to a prayer warrior. Worshipping will do for you what prayer will do for the prayer warrior.

Are you a word addict? Stop trying to be like a worshipper. Addiction to the word will open your heaven as the worship will open the heaven of the worshipper.

NOTE: The Spiritual things you do easily are the altars that God established in your life for you to reach Him and for Him to reach you easily.

It is God working in you both to will and do His good pleasure (Phil. 2:13)
God made sure that you will never be stranded in life by putting in you Spiritual virtues that you manifest easily.

DISCOVER YOUR Spiritual power point. That’s your access to the supernatural life.

Hmmmmmm! What a teaching!!!!.
Not the kind you hear from many altars abi?
You will never be stranded.

Mentorship Class with David Onuoha (111-120)


(Matters arising from mentorship 116)

Every child of God is expected to be prayerful and to invest time in the word and in singing praises unto God. It is like being in a university. There are general courses that everyone must take no matter your department.

Prayer is a general course, word study is a general course. Singing and praising God is a general course. They are compulsory courses for all believers and not electives.
Yes everyone must pray but there are people that have the gift of intercession like Anna in the Bible. If you don’t have it, you don’t have it.
Such people are endowed with the Spirit of grace for supplication. They are called intercessors. (Zechariah 12:10)

They don’t struggle to pray and fast.
When they pray and fast, their spirit is willing and their body is willing. Their spirit act like a tow van to their body.

Everybody is expected to sing praises unto the Lord but not everybody is gifted with the voice of a worshipper.

How can someone that sings off key be claiming to want to be a worshipper. If you are not a gifted singer and try to stretch your voice like Sinach, you break your vocal cord.

That you can swim does not make you a fish.
That you are flying in an aeroplane does not make you a bird?

Get involved in the general courses, but find out your own proper gift and specialize in them.
Sinach prays and fasts. But she spends more time in the studio than in the prayer camp.

Find your area of Spiritual strength and amplify it. Spend time to develop it and stop running here and there.

(1Cor 7:20 & 24) Let everyone abide in the same calling wherein he was called.

God does not look for you where He did not plant you. It is only in Eden where He put Adam that He comes in the cool of the day to visit Adam.
When Adam left Eden, the visitation stopped.

Your area of Spiritual gift, (your Spiritual power point) is your garden of Eden where God visits you.
It is the magnet in you that attracts God to you.
If you usher yourself out of your Eden by neglecting the Spiritual gifts in you, you risk losing God’s presence.
It is very risky to live without his presence.

I pray that whatever has blocked your Spiritual eyes from seeing clearly your area of Spiritual gifting be removed now in Jesus name!

Mentorship Class with David Onuoha (111-120)


(Spiritual Strategy expanded)

Many of you may be wondering why I started this training on WINNING SECRETS with SPIRITUAL STRATEGY.

The reason is that Everything has spiritual origin (root). Remember there was a time when God was alone and nothing else was in existence.
God began to call things that be not as though they were and they came into existence (Rom. 4:17)
So everything that exist today in the physical was downloaded from the Spiritual realm.

So in (John 1:4), the scripture says; “All things were made by him and without him was not anything made that was made”

DID YOU GET THAT? All things came from the Spiritual realm

NOTE: The reason why I am investing so much time to train you on SPIRITUAL STRATEGY is because:

(1) Since everything has Spiritual origin (root)
(2) Everything answers to and obeys Spiritual command.
(3) So if you acquire power in the Spiritual realm, every other realm of power opens up to you.

The only things that obey you in life are the things you have power over.

For example, I know everyone needs money to live well on earth and actualise their dreams.
Though many are working very hard to get rich and have money, the truth is that only very few people end up getting rich. WHY?

Hard work is good, education is good, skill is good, connection is good, But you can have all these things and still end up poor. (Eccl. 9:11, 1 Samuel 2:9)

IT IS POWER FOR WEALTH that make people rich. Read (Deut. 8:18)

Power for wealth is received on the ticket of practicing the Spiritual covenant for wealth. This is the greatest secret of all wealthy people on earth both believers and unbelievers.

Spirituality is not part of your life, it is the solid foundation for all your life.
Do you know that CONSISTENCY, EXCELLENCE, FOCUS, DEDICATION and DILIGENCE in what you do are all covenant Spiritual STRATEGIES for wealth?
If these things are lacking in you, you may be getting money to exist, but forget about wealth.

Please allow me to help you re-engineer your life, so that your full destiny colour can show.
Focus will make people know you for something specific. Every rich person is known for something specific that made them rich.

Consistency grooms you to become an expert in what you do.
Diligence in what you do attracts great men to you. They are ready to spend their resources on you.
Excellence in your performance brings quality patronage to you.
Dedication helps you to stay focused until you generate result.

If these Spiritual forces are operating in you;
(1) It is just a matter of time, you will definitely get rich
(2) You call the shots and determine how much life pays you.

Mentorship Class with David Onuoha (111-120)


Strategy for taking this month by storm.
Welcome to a new month and get ready to adopt a new Strategy in handling certain aspects of your life.

It is possible for you to have a 360 degrees turn around in your life by the end of this month if you will adopt the following strategies.

(1) Reduce the time you spend on time wasters like television, sleep, unproductive associations, idling on the net etc.
(2) Write down things to be accomplished every day.
(3) Have a time table for prayers and word study.
(4) Make a list of 3 things you need this month.
(5) Make of budget of how much each of them will cost.
(6) Ask God for help to receive them according to (Matt 7:7-8)
(7) Thank God immensely for answering you.

Note: keep the list and tick anyone you receive.
This month you will shout for joy.

Mentorship Class with David Onuoha (111-120)


As i begin to conclude the series on SPIRITUAL STRATEGIES for winning, let me introduce you to:

This might be one of the most important trainings so far on this platform because:

(1) Whatever you desire in life is already somewhere now. It is either in a place or with someone that you don’t know.
(2) Though it may be hidden from you, it is not hidden from God. God knows who you need to meet for your life to change. He knows where your marriage partner is. He knows what you need to do to prosper.
(3) So you need divine direction.

NOTE: One misdirection in life can lead to a lifetime of struggles.

What am I talking about? Just marry a wrong person and you will be surprised how backward, unhappy, frustrated and bitter your life will become.

NOTE: But one good direction you follow can open you up to a lifetime of blissful and greatness.

There is just one opportunity that God is going to open up to you that will turn your life around.
God will introduce you to someone that will not rest until he helps you to succeed.

You do not need to meet many people in life, you only need to meet the right people. This time you will meet them.
I hear in my spirit that most of you reading this have struggled enough to succeed and prosper.
The good news is that your struggles are over as God gives you direction.

I will upload the answer to this question in MENTORSHIP 121.

No more misdirection for you. Get set. God is linking you up with people and opportunities that will make your life great.
No matter where you are today, there is a better place to be. God will take you there.
No matter who you have met so far, there are greater people to meet. God will link you up to them.

Connect with Apostle David Onuoha via:
Facebook: David Onuoha
Phone: 08068851175.

NOTE: This content was gotten from Apostle David Onuoha’s enclosed Whatsapp group (David Onuoha Mentorship Class).

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