List of Music Educational Games

List of Music Educational Games
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Music is extremely good for youngsters, according to numerous studies. Below are list of 12 music educational games, apps, and websites.

Researchers discovered that listening to music has significant behavioral advantages, ranging from improved executive function and working memory to increased focus and the ability to manage emotions and anxiety, in a recent study.

Despite this, an increasing number of children are opting out, whether owing to school cuts to arts education, the costly expense of classes, a lack of interest, or other issues.

Fortunately, there is a variety of excellent music education websites/applications available that may help children of all ages learn anything from how to play an instrument to composition and music theory, as well as music history and enjoyment.

Music Education Apps, Games, and Websites:

1. Tune Train

With just a swipe of a finger, this iOS app teaches young children how to create and edit melodies.

List of Music Educational Games

Kids learn about the fundamental structure of music, such as pitch, notes and note length, and chords, by playing in the Tune Train world. Free

2. Musical Me

This entertaining iOS game teaches children aged 3 to 7 some of the essential elements of music, such as notes, rhythm, and pitch. $1.99

3. Kids Ear Training

This is a complete ear training program in an app for iOS and Android smartphones.

The software seeks to “introduce basic musical parts and concepts and assist the student to identify those aspects by ear,” making it ideal for kids who are already learning an instrument or singing in chorus. $2.99

4. Theory Lessons

There are 39 animated music theory lessons in this iOS app. This is a fantastic option for older children who find the above apps to be too simple or immature.

All of the classes are also available for free on the internet, which is a great option for individuals who don’t have access to an Apple device. $2.99

5. Music Tutor Sight Read Lite

This Android app provides music students learning to sight-read with quizzes and tutorials. Additional features are available in the premium edition. Music Tutor Free for Apple users has a comparable feature set. Free

6. Piano Dust Buster

Use your genuine acoustic piano or keyboard with this iOS software, or use your device’s touchscreen option. The program makes studying piano more fun by incorporating a gaming element.

List of Music Educational Games

This encourages students to practice more. Learn how to play classical and popular tunes, as well as how to read sheet music. Free with in-app purchases and a subscription option.

7. Music Tech Teacher

Created by a middle school band teacher, this site offers a huge selection of online music games and quizzes as well as worksheets and lessons. Free

8. New York Philharmonic Kid Zone

This site from the NY Philharmonic Orchestra includes lots of fun music-themed games and quizzes, as well as interactive introductions to famous composers, conductors, and musicians.

Other symphonies, including the San Francisco Symphony and Dallas Symphony Orchestra, also have websites for kids with games and lessons—your own local symphony may have one too! Free

9. Virtual Drumming

Whether your child is already a drummer or is interested in drumming and you’re not quite ready to buy a drum kit, this site is a great resource. Play virtual drums, try a drum game or take a lesson. Free

10. Music Teachers Games

Music games and quizzes test students’ knowledge of notes, lines, and spaces of the treble and bass clef, ear training, guitar, and more. Free

11. Classics for Kids

Dedicated to teaching kids about classical music and music composition, this site offers music games, quizzes, lesson plans, a weekly podcast, and a “Composer of the Month” feature. Free

12. Rocksmith

This game was recommended to me by a music teacher, though it’s likely better for older kids and teens. Rocksmith is a music video game—like Guitar Hero or Rock Band—but it actually teaches you to play guitar.

The game comes with a cable to plug any electric guitar or bass into PC, Mac, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation® 4 system, or PlayStation® 3 system.

It’s the most expensive option on this list—on par with new video games for these systems—but still, a bargain compared to lessons. $79.99

Would you like to expand your child’s musical ability and knowledge even more? K12 offers complete online music courses for grades K-8, as well as songs and music lessons for preschoolers through the Embark12 preschool program. To learn more, visit

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