End Time Revival (Part 1-4) by Apostle David Onuoha [Article]

End Time Revival (Part 1-4)
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Right now God is mobilizing those that are going to play key roles in the end time revival. Like you must have known from the history of revivals, God does not use popular men to kindle a revival, he uses unknown, obscure men whom He has been preparing in the secret as new wineskins.

Revival comes like new wine. God does not pour new wine in old wineskin or old bottles. He uses new bottles or wineskins to preserve the new wine of revivals. God does not use institutions, systems, or churches to kindle revival, He uses individuals whose knees are battered on the altar of prayers and whose shoulders are primed in holiness to carry the ark of His presence.

Revival is not carried on new cart or modern equipment. It is not good packaging that Kindles revival. No internet packaging can provoke revival. Revival is provoked by hearts that have raw obedience to the raw commands of an ancient God.

End Time Revival (Part 1-4)


I have heard many people talking about revival. And when you ask them the meaning of revival you hear all kinds of answers. Let me educate you a little.
Revival is not a feeling and a falling, No!!!.
Revival is not increase in church attendance, No!!!.
Revival is not increase in religious rituals and activities. No!!!

If you are a student of past revivals, you will discover that two things trigger off revivals;
(1) When men begin to have a sudden revelation of a hidden or overlooked scriptural truth concerning what God wants to do.
(2) And an agitation triggers off in their hearts to besiege heaven through concerted, spirited and mighty prayers to confirm the discovered hidden truth on earth.
For example, the Pentecostal revival everywhere around the world began, when men realized from Peter’s sermon on the day of Pentecost that the baptism of the Holy Spirit is for everyone. Men began to pray for God to confirm it and heaven responded and the Pentecostal revival was born.

The healing revival came the same way. Men suddenly realized that divine healing is real and that Jesus took our infirmities and they began to pray for God to confirm it and heaven poured out the healing revival.
The reformation revival took the same route. Martin Luther realized from scripture that the just shall live by faith and not by penance. The sudden realization and propagation of this truth compelled heaven to trigger off the reformation that the world has not recovered from.

So what is revival? Revival is heaven’s response to the yearnings in the hearts of men as a result of their sudden realization and revelation of an overlooked spiritual and scriptural truth that points to what God intends to do.
Every revival is driven by a specific revealed truth which heaven suddenly begins to confirm on earth as a result of the yearnings in the hearts of men to see God move.

So when you hear someone talk about the imminent revival, ask the person the scriptural truth that God is going to confirm from heaven. The truth is that revival is the invasion of the earth by heaven to enforce a present truth.
What revival are we expecting now and what present truth is going to power it? I will explore this in part 3. Heaven has chosen some of us to champion God’s NOW move. So follow these teachings because the old is giving way to the new and God is recruiting fresh young vessels for the next move.

End Time Revival (Part 1-4)


What Revival are we expecting now and what present truth is going to power it? You must come to terms with the truth that we are in the latter days of the last days. 2000 years ago in an upper room in Jerusalem, Peter declared the beginning of the last days when he said “this is that spoken by prophet Joel, and it shall come to pass in the last days…”

God is not on a mission to repeat past revivals NO!!! The Pentecostal revival is done and ongoing. The healing revival is done and ongoing. So, the end-time revival has got nothing to do with shouting fire and power. NO!! It has got nothing to do with how many people fall under your anointing NO!!!

So stop harassing us with Azusa revival and how to pray for 90 days for it to happen again. Stop telling us how legs grew out and how miracles burst out in a city. These things are good and still happening but they are God’s past and old syllabus.
We are in the end time and if you want to know how something will end, find out how it began.

The revival that God is bringing now is the restoration of His original plan for mankind at creation. It is a restitution revival. At the fall in Eden man did not lose religion, he did not lose church, he did not lose God but he lost the kingdom of the world that God charged him to dominate.

So the end-time revival is a kingdom move to restore to God’s people what the devil took from man. It is a revival that will practically make manifest the government upon Jesus shoulder. It will propel kingdom-minded saints to occupy the forefront of every segment of society. Why? Jesus is not coming back for a defeated church, but a church that is truly in charge. A glorious church.
So you better add all night thinking to this your end-less all-night prayers because wisdom is going to play a key role in this kingdom move.

This move will raise an end-time army because it takes an army to occupy territories. This army will be raised by trumpeters and alarmists, not preachers. See Joel 2:1. They will raise citizens of the kingdom not just church members.
The end-time revival is called KINGDOM MOVE. Watch out for more details in part 4 where I will explore the present truth that will power the kingdom move.

End Time Revival (Part 1-4)


Right now, we are in the last days of the last days and God’s agenda for this season is clear to students of Bible prophecy.
The last move of God which is the kingdom move is His agenda now and we are at the brink of it. The kingdom move is a restitution agenda which will usher in the return of our Lord Jesus.

The scripture is very clear that the heavens must hold Jesus until the restitution of all things Acts 3:21. Restitution of what things? Restitution of God’s original plan for His children (dominion) and the emergence of a glorious church that is practically in charge on earth.

This is called the kingdom move. To know how something will end, find out how it began. It is a move that will put God’s people at the forefront of every sector of the society in order to reclaim the kingdoms of this world man lost and he died for John 3:16. God so loved the world, not the church that He gave his only begotten son.

The kingdom move is not a contest of anointing. Not a battle of miracles but a contest of THRONES. Why? Whoever occupies the throne has dominion. Unfortunately, the church has done a very poor job of raising kingdom-minded leaders to occupy thrones in different sectors of society.

The present truth that will power the kingdom move is the gospel of the kingdom which Jesus preached (Matt. 4:7). He charged the disciples to preach it (Matt. 10:7). And commanded us to preach it in all the world and the end will come (Matt. 24:14).
Unfortunately, we have preached everything else except the gospel of the kingdom that Jesus told us to preach. Why is the kingdom move the last move before our Master returns? What is the message of the kingdom that will power this move? Watch out for answers in END TIME REVIVAL PART 5.

End Time Revival (Part 1-4)


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