DrNezer – Must Read For Upcoming Musicians [Article]

Upcoming Musicians
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DrNezer – Must Read For Upcoming Musicians (Article)

Trust you are staying safe, Today i want to share something very vital and important. I have observed this in my little stay in the music industry amongst musicians, and this possibly accounts for why many Upcoming Musicians are not getting certain level of results as they desire. Please read through and implement all you will learn from this article, then see yourself soar in a different dimension of success.


Music Business For Upcoming Musicians

Upcoming Musicians

There are certain results you can not get as an Upcoming Musician  until you treat your music career as a business. Some people say “i’m not a musician or entertainer, i’m a minister or a psalmist’ or stuffs like that. Which ever way you want to see yourself, as long as you have a career in music then you must treat it as a business so as to get certain level of results. Please read on!


Vision And Mission Statements For Upcoming Musicians

Upcoming Musicians

Let me even ask, do you have a vision and mission statements?
Surprised? Like what do I have to do with vision and mission statements as an artiste or a musician? Listen to this, a passion project will be contagious for everyone that is exposed to that passion, but at some point, if you want to make a living doing your art, you must work it like a business.

Start by writing down a mission statement that will remind you about the passion you want to share and help others to align to your cause. Having vision and mission statements in place will also help you to focus on your day-to-day operations and what you need to do to make money living that passion, and sustaining it. Read on!


Be Ready And Willing To Start Small/Simple!

Upcoming Musicians

Every artist would like to be an overnight success, but a fan base needs time to grow. Artists need time to grow not only their style and art, but their business sense.  Never overextend yourself beyond your means financially and emotionally.  A business plan will help you to not over-reach your financial limits and will emotionally help you to prepare for any success as you can see things as an expected outcome. If Apple’s new iPhone turns out to be the best selling phone, it was expected and is not crushing.  A plan lets you know what to expect, plain and simple. Read on please!


You Must Be Ready To Stay Competitive

Let me explain!
Do your best to stay on the cutting edge of your business. Artists are blessed to have fresh creative ideas flow and most businesses would kill for this talent. Upcoming Musicians must aware of the latest technologies to streamline the production of your art and creative ideas  and even the day-to-day operations such as your accounting. Small things can make the biggest difference; keep that competitive edge that got you where you are now and keep working. Small businesses that don’t stay competitive in their markets go under.


Staying competitive also means you will need to hire people. An upcoming musician will need a host of things, including a quality audio production, music videos, photos, great designs, press releases and more. Hire the most qualified people (you can afford) and make sure they align with your vision and mission statements. It might take a while but do not just use the first person who offers you a great deal because If they are not a good fit, then the final product will not match your mission statement, and soon, your artistic vision that defined you will be lost and you will start losing your fan base as a result.

A lot of artists take what they can get; this is not the way a business is run, and it will lead to your business failing. A small business does not take a commercial because a fan offers to do it for free. If you are serious about advertising and marketing, make sure it is done in exact alignment with your business plan and mission statement. You might get lucky with a free music video from time to time but a lot of small businesses do worse by having bad commercials and advertising. Your art and image need to be protected.
Whatever you need, get the best that you can get; taking your time to do so will ensure business success.


Self Assessment

Remember, self assessment is very vital in the growth process of a business. Anyone who desires to grow must be ready to sincerely ask and answer yourself certain questions. This will help keep you on the right track and also help you re-trace steps from the wrong path.


What have you learnt from this article? The ball is now in your court to play. No matter how long you have stayed doing the wrong thing, you can take the right steps today and make the difference in your world.

Don’t forget, With God all things are possible. Factor God into your career and watch him make all things beautiful in it’s time.

Drop a comment below and please SHARE this blessing as many times as possible so many people will learn as well.

Stay blessed!


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