DrNezer – Music Performance [Article]

DrNezer - Music Performance
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Today we will look at Music Performance.
This topic concerns a lot of us ranging from singers to instrumentalists, choreographers et al.
A lot of people come up stage with some level of positive expectations but at the end of the day they deliver below expected threshold. What could the problem be?

Music performance is not as common as we treat it, that’s why people do not get the desired results!

If you can judiciously follow my pills, advice and instructions in this article then watch how beautiful your next performance/ministration will be.

In no particular order of importance, below are 5 areas of preparation I would like us to note.

  • Music Emotional Preparation:

    You will perform best when you’re mentally focused and emotionally engaged.
    Though focus and engagement is established in the practice room, but you also have to learn how to remain centered amid the buzz of a live performance.

  • Music Physical Preparation

    Music performance, of course takes strength. Ahead of an event, we need to manage our activities such that we’re fresh when the stage door opens.
    To that end, on the day of a performance, we should avoid arduous rehearsals, plan what and when we eat, and make time for rest.

  • Organization Preparation:

    When you don’t plan well, it obviously affects several areas of your delivery. Some people get lost when traveling to venues, bring the wrong costumes/clothes, forget spare strings for the guitar or spare sticks as a drummer etc.
    On the other hand, prudent organization ensures that we arrive early and fully equipped for every gig.
    Then, we can let go of worry and focus on what matters most: making soulful music and most importantly, amazing delivery.

  • Artistic Preparation:

    To be artistically prepared for performances, we have to choose music that fits our style and level of ability, and then learn it so deeply that we can deliver every phrase with conviction.
    In tandem, we need a polished stage presence that allows us to draw energy from being under the lights.
    If your presentation style needs an upgrade, practicing performances and self-recording can be ideal avenues for you to refine your skills.

  • Technical Preparation:

    When we’re technically prepared, we’re in command of our instrument, even in high-pressure settings. We’re also well-versed in the intricacies of performance venues, such as, lighting and sound systems.
    If your musical dexterity deteriorates on stage, you can probably boost your control through deepening your practice strategies.


Read these tips over and over again until it becomes a part of you then watch your performance improve massively.

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Till the next time we meet on Learning Hub, Have a Nice Day Ahead!


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