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Chidi Collins - Yahweh
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Chidi Collins is a seasoned worshipper, who does not regard worship as a mere stringing together of beautiful notes, melodies and words that sounds good to human ears.
To him, worship means a whole lot more; it is the wholesome offering of one’s self to God. The deep understanding of this divine mandate has fuelled the passion behind all his songs, which have ignited the spirit of worship in the hearts of many across the globe.

You can say that Chidi Collins was born with heaven’s own melody on his lips because he began to receive songs, write and sing them at a very early age; and “Yahweh” is no different. It was birthed in his dream, where he saw himself ministering the song on stage.

He immediately woke up, picked up his guitar and was able to play the song from his dream word for word; note for note; and rhythm for rhythm. “Yahweh” is a resounding call inviting every voice to join the host of heaven in total worship of our King of kings and Lord of lords – Yahweh!

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