David Onuoha – Capacity Building Training (11-20) [Article]

David Onuoha – Capacity Building Training (11-20) [Article]

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Capacity Building Training 11

How To Build Capacity 4

Just like our passion, makeup, interests, and destinies are different, we must embark on different kinds of training for capacity building, to develop, preserve, and enhance our uniqueness.
You must identify how God SHAPED, formed, or wired you to know the kind of capacity-building curriculum to embrace. Unfortunately, many people know too many things but are very ignorant of them. It will be an abuse of ability for a bird to abandon building capacity to perfect flying and navigating in the airwaves and enroll in a swimming school.
You set your life on the path of mediocrity when you abandon to build capacity in areas of your strength. To embark on meaningful capacity building, you must know your SHAPE.

  • S= Spiritual gifts
  • H= Heartbeat (passion)
  • A= Abilities.
  • P= Personality.
  • E= Experiences.

These are the five things to build lasting capacity on. These are the five areas of your life that you must build capacity on.

  1. Your Spiritual gifts.
  2. Your heartbeat (passion).
  3. Your abilities.
  4. Your personality.
  5. Your experiences.

You can ask me questions on this platform. This is your capacity-building coach, David Onuoha. Just like my Facebook page @ David Onuoha Mentorship forum to enroll.

David Onuoha – Capacity Building Training (11-20)

Capacity Building Training 12

How To Build Capacity 5

Nothing expands a person’s ability to take more and become more like adversity. Adversity is a capacity-building device.
When you go through adversity and learn relevant lessons, your mind expands in knowledge and in what it can handle. Unfortunately, many people react to the pain of adversity instead of responding to the lessons of it.
Why do house maids mature to become better wives than the children of the house? They have gone through all manner of adversity and assault as housemaids. So the demands and pressures of marriage are mere mincemeat. Testimonies from men that marry women that served people as housemaids confirm this. Adversity is on a mission to equip you for your next level. For many years, I served my master that works for eighteen (18) hours every day. Few weeks into this service, my health broke down until I adjusted to his schedule. Today, I am reaping the benefit of that adverse training by staying up long after many people have slept to write my bestselling books, study, and pray.
There is a level of capacity that you can never build if you cannot handle adversity with the right attitude.
Prov. 24:10 says that if you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small because you have not built capacity.


  1. What adversity are you facing now?
  2. How are you building capacity to handle them?

Capacity Building Training 13

How To Build Capacity 6

A sure way to build capacity is through education. But we must understand that it is not every kind of education that enhances the capacity. It is not your level of education that determines your capacity but the direction of your education.
Why do people spend many years in school only to line up in the employment market for years waiting for non-existent jobs? Many erroneously believe that they can build capacity by raising their level of education. It is the direction of your education that builds capacity, not the level. If you can redirect the focus of your education to yourself instead of theories, concepts, and things, your capacity will be enhanced.

The school system which runs on an established curriculum is designed to build capability and not to build capacity. So the school system raises people that know enough to be employed but not sensible enough to deploy themselves. Only eternity will reveal the number of people that call themselves educated that the school system has demobilized. Only people who know the stuff they are made of can power their destiny. Unfortunately, even the university system does not teach people self-discovery, self-development, and self-deployment. Instead, they mass produce graduates that know nothing about themselves and the potentials God loaded them with.

As a lecturer, I know that many lecturers are as confused about life as the students they teach. We, lecturers, know that there is nothing in the academic curriculum that guarantees success after school. Please redirect your education to yourself by discovering the vast potentials in you and put them to work.

Get my book “MAXIMIZING YOUR YOUTHFUL SEASON” to enhance your capacity. I am your online capacity building coach David Onuoha.

David Onuoha – Capacity Building Training (11-20)

Capacity Building Training 14

How To Build Capacity 7

If you desire to increase your capacity, you must look out for those that have what it takes to help you build capacity. If you desire to roar, you cannot be hanging around a dog. Wisdom demands that you locate a lion. The best a dog can do is to bark. Only lions roar.
I carefully and prayerfully asked God to direct me to a destiny coach who can help me power my destiny. I located him and served him for 7 years. The result is showing in all my products.
It is the forces that are moving on you that will determine what you can move. Iron sharpens iron- Prov. 27:17. He that worketh with the wise shall be wise.

ASSOCIATION is a capacity-building device. Association is by choice not by force. Learn to associate upward not downward. Connect with those that will pull you up to your next level.


  1. Who do you think you need to associate closely with now to enhance your capacity?
  2. Who do you wish to operate like in your life?

Tell me and I will show you how to get connected to that person.

Capacity Building Training 15

How To Build Capacity 8

One of the major forces for building capacity is EXPOSURE. The things that life exposes you too are on a mission to show you what is possible and to help you expand your reach and your world. To build capacity, you must learn not to take the people, places, and events that God allows you to be exposed to for granted.
When you develop the attitude of taking a keen interest in the things you are exposed to, your capacity increases. How does it work? The things you see helps you to think differently. Once your mind expands to the new level of what you experience, it is difficult for your mind to return to its original state.

Life is not a social venture, Life is a destiny adventure. The things you are exposed to and the experiences you have are orchestrated to help you expand your mind and your world. Some years ago, I traveled together with my mentor in his private jet to visit the president of a nation. That trip and our seeing the president without protocols expanded my world and emboldened me to take some actions that I am taking today. One genuine, life-transforming exposure can help you build serious capacity


  1. Can you remember great events, people, and places that expanded your mind and emboldened your actions?
  2. What lessons did you learn from them?
  3. What steps are you taking today that are traceable to things you have been exposed to?

Capacity Building Training 16

How To Build Capacity 9

If you have followed through this capacity-building training to this point, I believe that something is changing in your life already.
To build capacity in anything, CONSTANT PRACTICE is required. Practice does not only make perfect, but it also makes permanent.
Constant practice is a capacity-building device. Don’t be afraid of a man that does 100 things in a day. But be careful of a man that practices one thing 100 times in a day.
You don’t need to spend a long time to build capacity in any area of life. You only need constant practice over a short time. To kill anything, just starve it. To lack capacity, just starve your endeavor of constant practice.


  1. What are the things you do constantly even when no one is encouraging or paying you to do it?

Capacity Building Training 17

To know whether you are building capacity, check whether your attitude is changing. There are attitudinal checks that confirm your capacity level.
Managing your word is a capacity-building indicator. And word management is emotional management. This is proved by your silence quotient.
When things are in turmoil, utilize silence. Silence is more eloquent than writing, more forceful than words. It has never betrayed anybody. If you doubt your wisdom, remain silent. This is classic.
In silence, we conceal our shortcomings and hear the mistakes of others. Even the unwise is considered wise in their silence. The head prompts a man to talk but the heart should act as a check valve.
Few men have ever regretted being silent but many have made statements they wished were unspoken. Do you still wonder why God gave you one mouth and two ears? The silence, when required, is proof that you are in control. Are you really in control?
This is from your online capacity-building coach and mentor, David Onuoha.

David Onuoha – Capacity Building Training (11-20)

Capacity Building Training 18

If you are building capacity, it will show in your output in the following ways:

  1. It will reflect on the things you do.
  2. The quality of your result or product will be enhanced.
  3. Your personality will be upgraded.
  4. Your sphere of influence will expand.
  5. Your patronage will enlarge.
  6. More quality people will gravitate towards you.
  7. Your rewards and earnings will skyrocket.

Nothing advertises you in a world of many mediocre-like enhanced capacity. When you do what you do with a touch of expertise, you become the first option in the minds of people. At this point, people will advertise you and you enjoy endless referrals without paying advert fees. Many places I was invited for speaking engagements in the past, find it extremely difficult to get a space in my schedule now why? I am building capacity and rapidly outgrowing many engagements. Make sure that you are actually building capacity and not just enjoying my capacity-building training. Get across to me for expert advice on capacity building. I remain your online mentor on the capacity-building coach.

Capacity Building Training 19

What happens to you if you are building capacity 3?

Capacity building begins with giving responsibility to your ability. It is tasking ability with the responsibility that builds capacity. If you are building capacity, you will begin to feel uncomfortable with an environment that is not upgraded to match your capacity.

Nothing enhances capacity like an environment and nothing stifles capacity like the wrong environment. You can develop your capacity to the point that you overgrow your immediate environment. This is a genuine reason for you to relocate. Nothing is as frustrating as staying in an environment that plays down your capacity. But when you find yourself in an environment that places premium and value on your capacity, the best of you begins to find expression.
Never waste your time with people and an environment that does not value what you have to offer. Your capacity is a pointer to where you are needed and where you can blossom. Nehemiah could rebuild and lead a nation and so became uncomfortable with serving in the palace. He needed to relocate to become his best. Don’t tell me that you are praying to know the right place to live. Your capacity determines that. Your capacity is the voice of destiny telling you the right environment to locate yourself. Never have you attached a permanent address to a man who is building capacity. Many ask me why I am scarce in the environment I live in.

Capacity is pulling me to places I am needed. My world is fast expanding. So what do you expect? When you build enough capacity, the pull of destiny will make you relocate. Who told you that you will die in that local environment? I am your capacity-building coach David Onuoha, encouraging you to enhance yourself.

David Onuoha – Capacity Building Training (11-20)

Capacity Building Training 20

What happens if you are building capacity 4?

When the results that you are building capacity begin to show, you become a threat to those that envy and compete with you, and a treasure to those that admire and value you. Your capacity determines your patronage.
Nothing helps you to keep valuable people around you and discard parasites like capacity building. So when the evidence that you are building capacity begins to show, there is an upward pull that begins to connect you to a class of people.


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