David Onuoha – Capacity Building Training(1-10) [Article]

David Onuoha - Capacity Building Training(1-10)
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All that God gave man to occupy till he comes is ability and ability is simply what you can do. It is your duty to transform your ability to capacity (what you can do well). Your ability is simply defined by your area of strength. So when you discover your area of strength, you have uncovered your ability. Ability is given by God (Matt. 25:14), but capacity is acquired.

No one is strong in everything but everyone is strong in something. Find out your area of strength and build capacity on it. Just like the fish is strong in swimming and the bird in flying you are strong in something (ASSIGNMENT 1) What is your area of strength? Don’t be in a hurry to reply. You may need to do a soul searching and even ask God to help you locate it with precision. When you locate your area of strength, write back to me so that i can tell you specifically how to build capacity in it so that you benefit maximally from it.

For example, when I discovered that I have strength in public speaking and book writing, I had to travel to attend trainings organized on “how to write bestselling books” by Destiny Image Publishers Europe. I built so much capacity in book writing that three out of the four books I have written won international bestselling awards.
Let me know your area of strength and I show you how to build capacity in it. Cheers from your Capacity Building Mentor.

Capacity Building Training(1-10)


I want to believe that you have completed capacity-building training 1 by discovering your area of strength. Please complete every assignment given because it is the feedback system for this training.

Why capacity building? Everything in life (including you) is created to become more than it is now if exposed to certain forces. Capacity building is one of the forces that push out from inside you, the real you. ASSIGNMENT: How many things are you gifted to do? Everyone is multi-talented.

But there is one among all the talents that you have, around which you can organize your other talents.
Give me a list of your talents and I will tell you the major one around which you can organize the others for greater efficiency. I am expecting your response. Welcome to capacity building training with David Onuoha.

Capacity Building Training(1-10)


God endowed you with ability before bringing you into this world. But no one succeeds with ability. Success comes when you convert your ability to capacity. Ability is what you can do. Capacity is what you can do well with a touch of class.

Ability is the raw material that God has given you to enhance your stay on earth. Like you know, nothing raw has great value until they are processed. Building capacity in the area of your ability is what gives you a place in life. (ASSIGNMENT 1) What are the things you do without effort? 2) What are the things you do joyously even if no one is encouraging you or paying you for it? Please give me feedback so that I can help you expand your world. You are more loaded than you think you are.

Capacity Building Training(1-10)


To excel in any area of life or endeavor, you must have the capacity in that area. Your capacity can be measured by things you can handle and things that handle you. If you have the financial capacity you will never be a customer of poverty. Financial capacity is built by learning and applying money skills.

To be a good parent, you must build capacity on parenting. WHAT IS CAPACITY? It is your ability to deliver, perform or produce. It is the level at which you can receive, store, absorb, accommodate, carry or hold anything. Your capacity is your ability for more. Capacity is the ability to adjust to changing conditions without breaking down.
ASSIGNMENT 1: What are the issues that break you down emotionally?
2: What are the things you have tried to make happen in your life that have not happened?

In the year 1400, the whole world was at the same level of economic development. Different nations began to react to the situation in different ways. The nations of the west and Europe began to build capacity by embarking on aggressive mental revolution, while Africa embarked on cultural revival. 100 years later, two sets of nations emerged: developed and underdeveloped, producers and consumers. Unfortunately, Africa lined up behind the latter.

So the difference you see among men and nations is not a design by God, they are products of personal development and capacity building. You must make up your mind to become more than you are now.
ASSIGNMENT: Determine to read one self-help book every week starting from today. (2) Read at least 3 chapters of the Bible every day. You will discover a rapid change in your mentality. Have a great week ahead. It is your online capacity-building Coach David Onuoha. Do well to follow my Facebook page @ David Onuoha mentorship forum.


The eagle is not the king of the birds and commander of the airwaves by chance. Every eagle goes through rigorous training from birth in order to develop powerful wings and master the airwaves.

So the difference between the eagle and other birds is not by chance, but a product of the choice of the eagle to build capacity. No wonder the scripture enjoins us to be trained from childhood so that we will not grow into confused adults. Prov22:6 Unfortunately, we have many confused adults because they are schooled but not trained. Want to know the difference? Ask me. You school your head and you train your heart.

ASSIGNMENT 1: can you tell me one area of life that you have built strong capacity and developed yourself strongly? What are you really effective in?
2: What trainings did you undergo? By now you should stop guessing.
3: What do you really want to build capacity on? Tell me and I will let you know the kind of training you must undergo.

Capacity Building Training(1-10)


If a brand name like Nokia can lose out and be acquired by Microsoft because of their lack of foresight to build capacity, take heed to yourself.
Nokia did nothing wrong to be ushered out of the market. They only refused to build capacity at the pace their competitors were doing.
NOTE THIS: (1) The advantage you had yesterday will be replaced by the trends of tomorrow. You do not have to do anything wrong to become irrelevant, but as long as your competitors build more capacity than you to catch up with the new wave and they do it right, you can lose out.

(2) To build your capacity is to give yourself a second chance to succeed. If you wait to be forced by others and circumstances to build capacity, you might be discarded before you begin.
(3) Those who refuse to build capacity today will definitely one day become redundant and irrelevant in life. Don’t wait to improve yourself the hard way, take advantage of David Onuoha mentoring forum to build your capacity.

ASSIGNMENT: what is it that you are doing now that makes people to admire you and want to be like you?

Capacity Building Training(1-10)



You can become more than you are now and accomplish more in life if you put yourself under some conditions and allow some forces to act on you. I never knew that I can write books that will win international awards until I developed myself to think at the level of writing such books.

To build capacity, the first thing you do is (1) GET CONNECTED TO GOD. When you run your life in partnership with God, you begin to operate beyond your natural abilities. Connection to God is not a religious issue, it is a destiny issue. When you have power in the spiritual realm, every other realm of power opens up to you.

How can David at the age of 17 kill a lion and defeat Goliath if not for the help of God. There are things you cannot accomplish in life without God. How can Joseph become a ruler in Egypt without God?
If you build spiritual capacity today, God will help you to accomplish things beyond your ability.


(1) Run your life with God’s standard as written in His word.
(2) Have a consistent study of the Bible.
(3) Pray often.
Do you have challenges with your prayer life? Do you find it difficult to read the Bible consistently? Please indicate so that I can tell you what to do to make prayer and Bible reading a delight for you. Link up your friends to David Onuoha mentorship forum on Facebook..

Capacity Building Training(1-10)



To build capacity, you must embrace the force of PRESSURE.
There is a level of capacity you may never acquire until you are put under pressure. Nothing increases capacity like pressure. Unfortunately, many people avoid anything that will put pressure on them.

Gold is a product of the pressure of the heat of the furnace and silver is purified by fining fire (Prov. 27:21). Pressure is a capacity-building tool. It can enlarge anything and anyone. Just subject your flat muscles to the pressure of carrying weights in the gym, you will be amazed at how massive it can become.

Human life is so elastic in nature that any area of life you exert pressure enlarges. Constant pressure on your mind through studies and strategic training transforms your mind to become super resourceful. This is one of the ways I became who I am today.
PRESSURE= force/area.
This means that in any area of life you put pressure, you become a force to be reckoned with in that area.


(1) Give yourself a project or something to accomplish.
(2) Give a time frame for the completion of the project; this puts pressure on you to meet the deadline.
(3) Harness resources available to you to improve your life. This puts pressure on your mind to think.
(4) Destroy excuses and utilize every opportunity
(5) Vow not to give up until your best is on display.
Stay connected with David Onuoha mentorship forum on Facebook. I remain your coach and mentor on capacity building. Recommend this platform to your contacts.



Systems fail because the operators lack the capacity to keep it running. Governments and nations fail because their leaders lack the capacity to move things forward. Individuals fail because they lack the capacity to power their destinies. Marriages crumble because couples lack the capacity to manage marital challenges.
So lack of capacity is the bedrock of failures in society. Why do people lack capacity? Because they lack appropriate capacity-building training.

One of the ways to build capacity is through TRAINING. Right from birth, God commands that every child be subjected to training (prov. 22:6). Unfortunately, we have substituted training with schooling, thereby raising people that do not know their left from right. Why is the footballer trained in the field and not taught in the classroom? Why is the boxer trained in the gym and not in the lecture hall? Any knowledge you have that is not applicable cannot benefit you.
Training imparts skill, expertise, and the required discipline to succeed. To write bestselling books, I had to enroll in training with destiny image publishers Europe.

Assignment: Tell me what you want to excel in and I will tell you the kind of training you need to succeed. I know that you are schooled, but the real question remains whether you are trained.
Keep pace with David Onuoha Mentorship forum on Facebook for your capacity-building training. I remain your capacity-building coach.

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