Christmas Interview Questions [2020 Interview] Covid 19 Ends

Christmas Interview Questions
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This Christmas Interview Questions (Gospelsoundz Impromptu) is exclusively brought to you by Gospelsoundz.
Gospelsoundz Impromptu is a New Brand that was birthed to function independently from Gospelsoundz and this is the first of it’s kind (Gospelsoundz Impromptu 1.0).
Gospelsoundz Impromptu is here to Educate you, Entertain you and Add fun to your daily living.

We will always bring you Impromptu Interview Sessions about The Society, Culture, Religion, Education, Entertainment and Events etc.

This Edition of Gospelsoundz Impromptu (Christmas Interview Questions) is aimed at emphasizing the need to celebrate the reason for this season (JESUS CHRIST)
Meanwhile this interview also had some individuals speak on their experiences of 2020 so far.

Let’s go!

Breakdown of Christmas Interview Questions (Time Based)

Nwada Ugochi introduces the scene telling us that Gospelsoundz impromptu is brought to you by Gospelsoundz Community emphasizing that this edition of Gospelsoundz Impromptu is all about Christmas.   In her words, she said; “Don’t Miss Out”

0.17-0.20 Gospelsoundz Impromptu Montage

Interview Sessions

1. (A) 0.21-0.24
Where was Jesus born?
Reply: I don’t know where  Jesus was born.
(B) 0.25-0.32
What is a Manger called in Igbo Language?
Reply: *Laughs*
(C) 0.36-0.48
Tell me a little about 2020?
Reply: 2020 was taken over by covid 19 that nearly killed us, we pray to leave 2020 anytime soon and enter 2021.
(D) 0.49-1.09
What if 2021 turn out to be ugly like 2020?
Reply: We will also endure it! When corona came, we all survived up till now, followed by #EndSars protect, we also endured and survived. So be it any situation coming with 2021; We MUST survive,,,,nothing will happen to us.

2.(A) 1.10-1.13
What is a Manger in Igbo?
Reply: *Exclaims*
(B) 1.14-1.28
What has 2020 taught you?
Reply: 2020 came with #EndSars, corona virus, Pandemic, 2020 came with virtually every bad thing you can think of……Briefly, 2020 shouldn’t be counted as a year.

3.(A) 1.29-1.39
What is a manger in igbo language?
Reply: Manger is Manger in igbo language
(B) 1.40-1.59
Translate “For unto us a child is born and unto us a son is given in igbo”
Reply: Anyi ka amuru nwa ma mukwara anyi out nwa nwoke.
(C) 2.00-2.05
What has 2020 taught you?
Reply: 2020 taught me to save money.  “VERY IMPORTANT”

4.(A) 2.06-2.08
What is Gold, Frankincense and myrrh called in igbo?
Reply: “Scratching the cheek”

(A) 2.09-2.54
Translate “For unto us a child is born and unto us a son is given in igbo”
Reply: ?????????????????????????????


Nwada Ugochi concludes this Christmas Interview Questions by telling us that Nothing is Easy in igbo land.

Meanwhile what ever you are doing in this yuletide period, please be careful and be on the right track and celebrate the reason for the season which is “JESUS CHRIST”


Host: Nwada Ugochi @Faith Ugochi Nancy
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